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Alarms & Remote Starters

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Texans do not need to buy new cars to benefit from convenient modern technologies. Sunbusters installs sophisticated remote starters and security alarms in a wide range of cars. This equipment saves time, protects your investment and boosts a vehicle’s resale value.

Viper Car Security Systems

Sunbusters carries every security system that the Viper brand offers. Each model includes several valuable features and protects cars in multiple ways. When SafeWise ranked 2017’s top 10 alarms, it placed three Viper products at the beginning of the list.

Entry Level

Viper’s base model boasts impressive capabilities. This unit’s alarm uses six different tones to rapidly draw attention. It also has the power to disable your starter when necessary. This product comes with a pair of one-way remotes that have a maximum range of 500 yards.


The Viper Value alarm includes many of the same features as the entry-level unit, such as keyless access and a siren with six tones. However, this one-way model has a single LED remote that transmits up to 2,640 feet.

LCD 2-Way

If you seek a particularly versatile system, this alarm will meet your needs. For instance, its highly interactive remote can tell you when a car door opens. You may also choose to turn off the siren and only receive alerts via the LCD screen.

Increase the Value of Your Car

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Remote Starters

A remote starter lets you activate your car’s engine from any location within its range. This handy device enables you to cool down your vehicle before you drive it on a hot summer day.

Many of our products have SmartStart capabilities. This means that you can start, lock or unlock your vehicle via a smartphone app. Unlike a remote control, it works in nearly any location. However, users need to pay a subscription fee.

Basic 1-Way

Viper’s least expensive model has a 1,320-foot range and comes with two simple, compact remotes. It provides an appealing option if you want an especially small remote and don’t need a lot of extra features.

Entry Level 1-Way

This affordable product has more sophisticated remotes with four buttons. You can also use a smartphone to operate the device. It offers keyless entry and provides the same one-way communication range as the basic unit.

Value 1-Way

The Value model accepts signals from as far away as 880 yards. It comes with a remote control that has five buttons. If desired, you may add two-way communication by purchasing a 7656V remote. The upgrade will allow you to verify that your car has received a signal and started its engine.

Value 2-Way

This award-winning model features an impressive maximum range of one mile. If you buy it, you’ll receive a pair of lightweight remotes. An LED light shines to confirm that you’ve successfully started the car.

LED 2-Way

Viper’s two-way LED systems boast sleek remotes with a one-mile range and multiple indicator lights. Unlike most units, they’re rechargeable. You won’t need to spend money on expensive coin batteries that you eventually have to throw away.

LCD 2-Way

If you desire a top-of-the-line system, look no further than our two-way LCD model. A large display makes the text and icons easier to see. You may recharge the long-range remotes by connecting them to a micro-USB port.

Professional Installation from Sunbusters

The friendly automotive experts at Sunbusters can help you choose the right model. We’ll install your new equipment with care and ensure that it’s fully functional before you go. Numerous Austin, Texas car dealerships rely on our skillful technicians to install aftermarket electronics. Please visit or contact Sunbusters to get started.

Dustin Marshall
November 30, 2022

I'm a repeat customer through the years due to their excellent attention to detail, high quality tint and lifetime warranty. Tint jobs always turn out perfect. Highly recommend.

Juan Ruiz, Jr.
November 28, 2022

Great service and quick turn around. Thank you

Greg Slater
November 24, 2022

I've used this company before. They do a great job. I was in and out of there in a little more than a hour after they tinted the entire vehicle. I like that they have a lifetime warranty.

Jimmy Boggs
November 11, 2022

Dave made the experience smooth and made me feel comfortable with the decision I made thanks to his experience. I would highly recommend these folks. An appointment makes best use of your time , however they do take walk ins .

Steve S.
October 29, 2022

Showed up a little passed 12:15pm. Walked in and was immediately greeted. I was shown the different tint available and decided to go with the ceramic tint...

Charles M.
October 26, 2022

Fantastic experience! Knowledgeable staff, fair pricing, and a nice clean professional facility. Did a wonderful job with my very oddball car - recommending...

Plant Muzik, Inc.
October 16, 2022

Great customer service, very kind and friendly staff. Dave made sure I knew all my options for window tint before making an appointment. Tint team knocked out a four door sedan in just over a hour, I was in and out. Clinton was great and got me checked in. After the job was completed, Paul made sure to check and verify the quality, which was fantastic. Paul even explained about the edge gaps I thought were going to be an issue and insured me that once the film dries it will no longer be an issue, which was true. The film I purchased has an outstanding warranty!

Michael Burton
October 12, 2022

Had Sunbusters tint my RAM 1500 all the way around. Great job, quick service, and a quality product.

CM Combs
October 12, 2022

Great service and welcoming! I would definitely recommend for car tinting.

October 11, 2022

Most professional and clean business around. Amazing customer service. Will be back!

Sbusiso Njabulo
October 6, 2022

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Everett T.
October 4, 2022

Superb service! They were able to squeeze me in the same week, and had the job done in less than 4 hours. I really liked the fact that they have window...

October 3, 2022

100% recommend! Very professional and great job. They have tinted 2 of my cars and I have told anyone I know who gets a new car to go here! I got the pinnacle front 30% and back 15% and recently went in and added the windshield heat protection. It all looks so good!

STX Ranch1
September 30, 2022

Excellent customer service and communication from start to finish, very satisfied with their services. Highly recommend Sunbusters Lakeway location! JG

Jason Echols
September 15, 2022

I have had four vehicles tinted here. The friendly experience and quality of install has been great every time with tint that looked great for years. We'll be back with our next one!

Sebastian Rivera
September 14, 2022

10/10 experience. I got ceramic tint with a F30%/R15% split for my Optima and it looks awesome! They were done in a couple of hours and the quality of work was top notch! I'm a very satisfied customer and you will be, too!

Deneke O.
September 4, 2022

Great service and products. I've been there 4 times in the last couple of years. I highly recommend.

Perdita Henry
August 31, 2022

I recently visited Sunbusters and had several things done, along with window tinting, and the service was fantastic. First, they gave me an honest quote for the work I wanted done and did a great job on all of it. Once installed they patiently explained the technology, and answered all of my questions. When we realized one task hadn't been completed they were quick to address it. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Brandon Williamson
August 24, 2022

These guys did an amazing job on my old Volvo wagon! The choices were presented clearly and the price was agreeable for a ceramic tint job IMO. There was even a problem with one of the rear windows and they were able to work around it and get the job done. Now my car stays cool in the sun and the weak A/C is able to keep up. 10/10 recommend

August 9, 2022

People are friendly. I just made a call to see if I can walk in for my car tint. It was quick and they did a great job. If you guys want to get your window tint done I definitely recommend this place. Price are fare enough.

Scott M.
August 3, 2022

I called them early spring , said come on over , full tint on my new jeep very fast looks great fair price.

Dwayne Stephens
August 1, 2022

Great honest men. Who know exactly what they're doing. Go here. Even if farther away.

Austin Lee
July 25, 2022

Amazing shop. Good product and excellent service!

Randy Rodgers
July 21, 2022

These guys did a perfect job on an old truck!! Exactly what I asked for, better than I expectef!!!

Michael O'Neil
July 10, 2022

They are simply amazing and do quality work.

Brian L.
June 27, 2022

Dave was amazing and super friendly. He walked through all the different options and packages, without trying to upsell anything. I was able to book an...

Diana Cruz
June 25, 2022

Have been coming here for 10+ years and had always held the owner in high regard, but today we took two cars and were met with disappointing customer service. Workmanship - 5 stars Customer service - 1 star Made appt for 9am. Got there on time, first car done beautifully. See some guys from the Covert dealership come drop two cars unannounced and think nothing of it because worker tells them they’re in the back of the line since they’re booked solid. Left second car at 10am and ran errands with little children near the area. Came back 3 hours later - second car hasn’t been taken back. Covert guy comes to pick up his vehicle that was not scheduled to be done. When we bring it up to the owner, he makes excuses about his guys needing to have lunch. At 10am? Then he mentions a discount - that they offered a week before for bringing in two cars at the same time. Don’t bold face lie to us, we both know what happened. Just take accountability for your actions. All we needed was, “I’m sorry, we messed up.” or “I’m sorry, we let big pocket customers cut the line as part of our business model.” That’s it. Not taking accountability for something so small makes me wonder what would happen if something big were to go wrong. I’m so sad to see this once fantastic business lose its luster through the years. We loved this place. We loved the owner. Guess it’s back to the drawing board to find the next new fantastic place. :(

Zander Maldonado
June 21, 2022

Looks great!

Maura Dolormente
June 20, 2022

Excellent customer service. Clean, cool and comfortable waiting area. Competitively priced. Easy to recommend.

Joey Mendoza
June 12, 2022

I take all my cars there, great service and product...

Darin LaFon
June 7, 2022

It's nice in this day and age to find a business with a long history in the same location that still has the highest standards for their work. I was impressed with the entire team. The guys doing the actual tint work were clearly VERY experienced because they were so efficient with what they did. Just watching them prep the windows you could tell these guys know what they are doing. David at the front desk was very accommodating when I needed to move up my appointment for my sons football game. Very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable of the industry and their products. They also do other work like Car Audio and Radar Detectors. They even do a clear film for the front window that I'm considering on both my vehicles to cut the heat from that angle. I highly suggest their top of the line ceramic window film (Formula One Stratos). The difference of the hot sun on my arm was staggering when I got into the truck sitting outside. Plus, I don't have to turn my a/c to high just to feel the cold air in this hot Texas weather. Highly suggested and well worth the investment on my vehicle. They do have different options for different budgets, but even the best was a great value as far as I'm concerned. I'll be back with my vehicles in the future as well. Thanks to the entire team. Well Done!

Earl M.
June 7, 2022

They were fast and professional. Moved to Texas a couple weeks ago and they saved my hands being cooking on my steering wheel

Mark Manzella
June 7, 2022

I'm extremely pleased with the top quality tinting on my new car! The guys at Sunbusters helped me figure out which tint I wanted which was priced well. I also bought the clear film on the front windshield for UV protection, and I'm happy it didn't affect my car's head up display on the windshield. They had my car ready quicker than I expected. I love having a warranty on the film if anything goes wrong too. I highly recommend Sunbusters!

Professional, honest people. I don't think you could ask for more, but they keep going. Quick, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. A well deserved 5 stars as this company is a pro at fixing lazy people's work.

Chris Trusinsky
May 23, 2022

Super professional.

Shot Tech
May 22, 2022

Good communication and quick service

James M.
May 20, 2022

Great experience start to finish tinting my Tesla Model 3. It's Austin in 2022 so I'd expected the staff would be experienced, but they exceeded my...

Pranay Edula
May 17, 2022

Great experience on what they are doing. Could offer better pricing

Brady Hicks
May 9, 2022

Used these guys for about 4 cars now. Couldn’t be happier, top notch place.

Jeff Bergeron
April 17, 2022

I've had multiple cars windows tinted at Sunbusters. They have good offerings, get you in quickly, and do great work! Check them out if you need to beat the heat and improve the looks of your ride!

Meg D
March 29, 2022

Everytime I go in: amazing service, some of the sweetest guys you’ll meet, very professional and super time efficient! Y’all are very appreciated!

Benjamin N.
March 27, 2022

I'm really impressed with the service (and I'm not easy to impress). Dav & Clinton were professional, flexible, and responsive. This wasn't my first...

Eric Navarre
March 26, 2022

Best tint shop I've been too (returning customer). Always come here for my tint needs.

Tony Jacobs
March 15, 2022

Great service

Robert Macklin
March 14, 2022

Paul C. And Dave O. We're great to work with and I love my new stereo!

Terry Nederveld
March 11, 2022

Our Tesla is the — oh I lost count — vehicle that we have had tint done by Sunbusters. This time not only did we have them tint every glass surface we had them put on the paint protection film. I can’t express how excited my wife is with the results for her Model Y. In the background you can see my F-150 that they did the tint on as well. Perfectly applied legal limit tint. Both vehicles have ceramic tint on all windows, windshield and roof and it makes a world of difference in the Texas sun. I’d highly recommend Rene, Clinton and the entire crew at Sunbusters. You won’t be disappointed.

Justin Holcomb
February 15, 2022

They’re always fantastic and take care of me and my clients

shawn brack
January 27, 2022

My family has used Sunbusters multiple times over the years. Just recently, we had our newest car tinted here, and I am happy to say the customer service and quality of work has not gone down a bit. I cannot recommend them enough!

Patrick H Easter
January 19, 2022

Amazing price, amazing service

Leon Teague
January 4, 2022

Excellent, on time and first rate job. Thanks

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