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Austin’s Climate is Perfect for Window Tinting

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Tint Your Windows to Keep it Cool in Austin

There’s no doubt that Austin’s warm, sunny climate is one of its top attractions. During the fall and winter months, temperatures are moderate and residents enjoy plenty of sunshine. During the spring and summer, though, temperatures can become uncomfortably hot. It’s a challenging climate, and many homeowners choose window tinting to boost comfort and household efficiency.

Why Tint Your Windows?

The average high temperature in Austin in July and August is right around 95 degrees. There’s no doubt that summers here are simply hot. You likely rely on your home’s cooling system to keep you comfortable, but could you be doing more to increase your comfort?

The answer is probably yes. After all, there are a number of steps you can take to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. You can have an energy audit performed or ask an HVAC contractor to tune up your system. You can even buy more efficient appliances. One of the best ways you can increase your comfort, though, is by choosing window tinting.

Specialty window films and tints offer a variety of benefits. Perhaps the most celebrated is boosting household efficiency. Because they help filter out the sun’s rays, they keep your home cooler in the first place. They also provide significant benefits in terms of cutting down on the loss of cooled air produced by your AC system. They can be particularly beneficial in sunrooms and other areas that have many windows but need to be cooled.

Of course, increased efficiency isn’t the only reason window films are popular. They also provide an effective means of reducing damage and fading in your home due to UV rays. Over time, direct sunlight can cause upholstery, carpeting, decor and draperies to fade. Window films prevent these damaging UV rays from entering your home, allowing for awesome protection against fading. Window films also reduce glare, including on your TV screen.

Choosing the Right Window Tint for Your Home

Window films also offer an opportunity to upgrade the aesthetic appearance of your home. You can choose a film in a unique texture or design to complement the rest of your home’s decor. Different colors of film are available to make sure that you can find the right hue for your home.

Window tinting also offers increased privacy. Textured films are designed to blur objects inside your home without compromising on aesthetics. Of course, you can also choose the level of opacity that best meets your needs. If you’re ready to discuss your tinting options, contact us at Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited today.

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