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Auto Tint: Your Easy Escape From the Texas Sun

Window Tinted Car

It’s already starting to warm up in Texas, and it’s only going to get hotter. For drivers with professionally tinted windshields and windows, the summer is a little less intimidating; they’ll enjoy protection from both the searing heat and the dangerous ultraviolet rays. If the mention of auto tinting makes you think of mysterious, dark cars that are hiding dead bodies, the facts might surprise you.

Your Car Doesn’t Have to Look Suspicious

It’s a common misconception that car tinting only provides adequate protection when it’s dark enough to look suspicious. Dark tints are illegal in many areas, and this may contribute to the false impression. In reality, IR films don’t have to be dark to perform. You’ve probably seen tinted car windows many times and never had any idea that they were different. Films that are clear and virtually invisible can deliver exceptional protection without significantly changing the appearance of your car. If you want to drive more comfortably while saving your car and your health from sun damage, clear auto tint is an ideal solution.

The Many Benefits of Infrared Films

Tinted windows keep your car’s interior cooler, but relief from summer heat is just the beginning. Quality infrared or IR films block 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that can enter through untreated automotive glass. Keeping them out protects you and your family from the negative health effects of UV radiation while you’re inside your car. Tinting also keeps the interior upholstery and plastic components safe from cracking, fading and heat damage. It even makes your driving safer by providing glare protection during the day and at night. As with any aftermarket automotive product, quality is important when choosing a window tint. A leading brand such as Formula One Pinnacle Ceramic film provides superior protection and a factory-like appearance, and it won’t interfere with radio frequencies or mobile devices.

Factory-Tinted Glass May Not Be Enough

If your factory-tinted windows don’t have impressive sun-busting abilities, they may just need a little help. Many SUV’s feature factory-tinted glass on the glass behind the front two doors and the cargo area. Fortunately, you can add a virtually clear IR film on top of the factory-tinted glass and nearly double its performance.

Let Sunbusters Give Your Car the Cool Factor

If you’re ready to fight back against summer heat and harmful UV rays, our Sunbusters experts can help. We rely on top-quality clear auto tint technology from Llumar to keep Austin and Lakeway drivers and their vehicles safe from the hot Texas sun. Visit us online today to learn more about our automotive tinting and other services.

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