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Automotive Paint Protection (PPF) for Tesla Model Y in Austin

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Your car is your pride and joy, and you want the best protection available for it. That protection starts at Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited. In addition to superior window tinting services, Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited offers paint protection films (PPF) to protect the beauty of your Tesla Model Y. Our PPF protects your vehicle from scratches, rocks, chipping, stains, sap, and bird droppings. Whatever the environment throws at your Tesla Model Y, we’ve got you covered with the best paint protection filmse in Austin!

When you bring your Tesla Model Y to Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited, you’ve taken the first step in getting superior protection for your vehicle’s exterior. Sunbusters offers car paint protection that comes with a nationwide warranty, and the film is specifically cut to fit your vehicle. With unmatched durability, hydrophobic performance, and self-healing technology, our paint protection films provide superior protection against anything your vehicle will encounter on the road.

Sunbusters in Austin offers paint protection films for Tesla Model Ys that are of the highest quality. We work directly with Tesla certified body shops and dealerships, so we have the skills and expertise needed to take excellent care of your Tesla. Protecting your luxury vehicle is about more than just protecting your investment. Your vehicle is a reflection of who you are! Make sure your Tesla is protected and always looks its best. Book a consultation with the car protection professionals at Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited to see how our paint protection film will keep your Tesla Model Y’s exterior shining for years to come!
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