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Burglary Busters! How to Reinforce Windows for Security

Commercial Window Tinting

A few simple changes can make your home or business safer

Windows let in light, help cool the house when it’s hot out and add personality to the exterior design of your home. For business owners, a window offers a way to attract customers with eye-catching advertising displays. However, it can also be a point of vulnerability. It doesn’t take much for an intruder to smash the glass, enter a building and make off with whatever he or she wants. Extra security measures are needed to keep your belongings or your inventory safe from theft.

Security Films

Windows made from reinforced glass are available to increase security, but replacing every window in your home or business is an expensive endeavor. Security films cost less and are very effective for slowing down or even stopping an intruder. These invisible polyester barriers serve to hold glass in place if someone tries to shatter it. Films may be cut to fit the window exactly or anchored to the window frame for added protection. While it is possible to break through security film, the extra time and effort that it takes is usually enough to make an intruder give up.

Hardware for Window Safety

In addition to films, you can install security bars to prevent burglars from entering through windows. These bars are secured to the frame of the window and may be opened when you’re home so you can enjoy some fresh air. Locks keep the bars in place at night or when the house is empty. Spring loaded tension bars prevent sliding windows from opening when they shouldn’t, and wedge locks install above the sashes of double-hung windows to stop the sash from moving up. Adding a sash lock makes forced entry even more difficult.

Staying Secure

A window alarm or burglar alarm adds an extra dimension of safety to your home or business. Should someone attempt to break in through a reinforced window, the alarm will go off to alert you and the local authorities. Of course, even with these measures in place, it’s important to keep your valuables including cash and expensive inventory in a secure place such as a lockbox or hefty safe. That way, should someone ever manage to get inside your home or business, your most important belongings remain protected.

Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited is ready to take the security of your Austin home or business to the next level. Visit our website for details or give us a call to set up an appointment today. We’ll help you choose the type of window film or window tint that best meets your needs. You’ll enjoy greater safety and peace of mind with our security films in place.

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