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Dark Glass Saves Gas: Why Do Tinted Windows Conserve Fuel?

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Applying window tint to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions

There’s nothing worse than climbing into your car on a sunny day only to find that every surface is too hot to touch. Your first instinct is to reach for the air conditioning, but every time you do, you sacrifice precious gas mileage as the system struggles to circulate and cool the uncomfortable air.

Many factors affect the fuel economy of your car from poor driving habits to uneven terrain, but simply using the air conditioning can decrease gas mileage between 5 and 25%. This astonishing figure can be reduced with the addition of automotive window tinting.

Window Tint to Conserve Fuel

Tinted windows work to block between 40 and 75% of the heat that enters your car while also blocking out harmful UV rays. This keeps the interior of the car much cooler both when parked and as you’re driving on hot, sunny days. Even a moderate lowering of interior temperature means that the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to make you feel comfortable.

Window tinting offers a twofold benefit when it comes to saving money. One, you conserve fuel by running the air conditioner less often. Two, your cooling system experiences less strain and therefore lasts longer without needing recharging or repairs. In addition, your car will be cooler whenever you get into it so you can stop burning yourself on the steering wheel, the seatbelt and the shifter.

Other Window Tinting Benefits

Using less air conditioning, and therefore less fuel, isn’t just good for your wallet. Lower fuel consumption in turn lowers the amount of harmful gasses and chemicals that escape into the environment. It doesn’t completely get rid of the carbon footprint of your car, but it does reduce the impact of each commute you make. Using less coolant has a similar benefit.

Excessive heat has other effects on your car besides the need for constant air conditioning. Continual UV exposure fades interior fabrics and dries out plastics which can lead to cracking and other damage. Automotive tinting film reduces the harsh glare of the sun, thus preserving the appearance of your car’s interior while keeping it cool at the same time.

Saving money with window tinting is as easy as calling Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited. We provide automotive tinting services to protect your car from the potentially harmful effects of the sun and keep you cooler throughout the Austin summer. Contact us today and we’ll outfit your car with precision cut tinting protected by a lifetime warranty.

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