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Decorative Window Film for Shower and Bathroom Privacy

decorative window film Your windows offer sunlight, ventilation and a glimpse of the outside world, but this may not always be exactly what you need. The windows in some rooms compromise your privacy; this is especially true of bathrooms. If you’re not an exhibitionist, you need a sensible and affordable solution.

Window Coverings: Weighing Your Options

Traditional window treatments are a good option for some rooms, but not everyone is fond of bulky curtains and blinds. Stained glass is beautiful, but it’s extremely expensive, and it’s not practical for every room. Decorative window films, which are secured directly against the glass, offer an innovative and affordable solution to privacy and energy issues while providing a breathtaking new look. Besides using them to make your bathroom private, you can create amazing entryways, eye-catching accent windows and stunning transoms throughout your home.

Add Color and Character

Window films are available in a wide variety of styles to match every taste and decor. For a neutral look that lets you change accent colors whenever you want, consider simple frosted films or etched patterns. To provide color and character, choose a stained glass look or a modern geometric design.

The Perfect Bathroom Solution

It’s hard to be inside a glass shower enclosure without feeling like you’re on display, and there are few ways to solve the problem without renovating the entire bathroom. Decorative window films help you enjoy your shower in private. Imagine showering with colorful flowers or mosaic patterns all around you. Perhaps you’d prefer the soft blur of ice crystals. With window films, your level of shower privacy is in your control. You can even choose a matching film for the bathroom window. Unlike bathroom curtains, window films won’t hold moisture and cause mold growth.

Improve Energy Efficiency, and Protect Your Interior

In general, window film can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 15%, and the benefits last all year. By decreasing solar heat gain and radiant heat loss, window film reduces the demands on your HVAC system in summer and winter. If you’re using vivid colors in your bathroom or any other room, window films help keep them bright by blocking UV light that can fade upholstery, rugs and carpets and even artwork.

Is Your Home Ready for a Glass Makeover?

At Sunbusters, we know that bathroom windows are far more than just frames and glass. Our decorative window films can transform your plain shower or bath area into a stylish, private oasis. Whether you prefer a colorful, reflective, opaque or frosted window film, we have your perfect solution. Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited has been improving energy efficiency, security and aesthetics for Austin homes and businesses for 20 years.

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