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Decorative Window Film: A Simple Solution for a Big Enhancement

Why Decorative Window Films Are a Smart Choice for Homes and Businesses

You’ve probably heard that the windows in your home or office have a huge impact on its overall aesthetic and real estate value. After all, windows are designed to provide protection from the elements. They’re also an essential part of a building’s exterior and interior design. Updating your windows with decorative films is a great way to add value to your property without going broke.

Why Window Film Makes Sense

No matter where you live or work, you rely on your windows to give you a view of the world. Upgrading them from time to time is essential, but that doesn’t mean that you have to replace windows entirely. Window film is an economical alternative that offers great energy savings. If you’re looking to improve your home’s overall insulation, using films on windows is a great place to start.

Because they add a layer of tinting to your windows, films help cut down on the heat that enters your home. In fact, window film and tinting offer a better overall return on investment than does low-E window replacement. They’re also a smarter choice than thermal draperies because they allow natural light to enter your home.

In addition to their energy-saving power, window films boast other benefits including

  • UV protection that helps minimize your family’s exposure to harmful light rays
  • reduction of heat and glare from the sun
  • increased sturdiness to keep windows from shattering during storms
  • enhanced privacy
  • protection against fading for carpets, flooring, furniture and artworks

Choosing the Right Window Films for Your Space

Of course, window films have big aesthetic benefits too. They give your space an instant facelift without the expense of replacing all of your windows, and they’re available in dozens of styles. Choosing the right films for your Austin home or business means weighing both your energy needs and your decor demands.

You can work with a window tinting professional to determine what degree of tinting will be most beneficial for your property. In some cases, you might choose different films for different areas of your building. As you evaluate your window film needs, don’t forget outbuildings and garages. Tinting will help protect the items that you store in these areas from sun damage while increasing privacy and security.

Once you’ve nailed down the technical details, you can think about aesthetics. Window films are available in a variety of opacities, patterns and tints. Choose designs that complement your current decor while remaining timeless. Think of window films as an accent to your home’s overall style.

Are you ready to leverage the benefits of window tinting in your home or office? Contact us at Sunbusters Window Tinting to see what we can do for your Austin property.

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