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Keeping it Cool When It’s Hot Out

Using home and automotive window tinting to beat the heat

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car on a summer day only to find that everything is too hot to touch. Heading back indoors may not offer much relief, either. How can you beat the heat when the sun is turning everything into an oven? Try tinting your windows.

Tinted window treatments filter the rays of the sun, letting in light while keeping heat to a minimum. You can choose the level of tint to regulate the temperature in your home or car and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

At Home

According to the US Department of Energy, one-third of the energy that goes into cooling a building is used to combat radiant heat coming in through windows. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that you spend up to 50% of your utility bills trying to keep your home cool. That adds up to a whole lot of cash draining out of your bank account just to maintain your home at a temperature that you can stand throughout the summer.

By cutting down on UV rays and reflecting the sun’s heat, window tinting ensures that your home stays cooler without having to use energy. This means that everything stays cooler, including the furniture, walls and floor.

In the Car

Tinting the windows in your car is a practical choice for several reasons. For one, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself on scorching hot surfaces as you’re trying to drive. You’ll also be able to get away without having to run the air conditioner as often as you used to. Less energy spent on cooling means you get better gas mileage while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

Some window tinting treatments can block as much as 71% of solar energy to keep the interior of your car from heating up to blazing temperatures when you’re parked and while you’re driving. As an added bonus, reduced UV rays means less potential for cracking and fading of the interior.

Energy Savings

Less need for cooling in the house and the car means lower energy consumption. It’s estimated that tinted windows can save 15% on home utility bills. Plus, you’ll save resources as well as money, making window tinting an eco-friendly cooling option.

When you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of tinted window treatments, give Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited a call. Our specialists can help you chose the right level of tint for your home or vehicle so you can enjoy a cooler environment no matter where you are. Visit our website for more information about window tinting in the Austin area or to request a free quote.

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