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Paint Protection Film Supplies More Than Just Longevity

paint protection film

Preserve your car’s paint job with protective exterior film

The only way to avoid damaging your car’s paint is to park it in the garage and never drive it. Since this is more than a little impractical, you need a simple, long-lasting way to prevent the scratches, dings, scuffs and corrosion that can occur as you drive through changing weather conditions throughout the year. Automotive paint protection film provides a defensive shield that does all this and more.

Preserves Appearance

The main reason people opt for protective film is that they want to maintain the glossy “like new” look a car has when it’s first driven off the lot. Thanks to modern technologies, these films can not only deflect damage but also “self-heal” to eliminate the appearance of any minor scratches that do occur.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Trying to keep your car looking like new without the help of a protective film requires frequent washing and touch-ups along with visits to the body shop to repair more serious damage. The money and time you spend on all this adds up fast and amounts to much more than the cost of film installation.

Year-Round, Total-Body Protection

Each season brings a different kind of threat to your car’s exterior. Summer paving work leaves loose gravel that can kick up as you’re driving, and winter road treatments are notoriously bad for automotive paint jobs. Protective films can cover the entire vehicle, including the areas most vulnerable to seasonal damage, so that you never have to worry about potentially harmful road conditions.

Keeps Nature at Bay

Bird droppings, bug splatter and tree sap can all accumulate on your car, causing unsightly spots or leading to corrosion. Protective film provides a barrier against these messes and makes them easier to clean.

Simple Maintenance

Paint protection films do need cleaning, but maintaining the protective barrier doesn’t require any special steps. All you have to do is wash the car like you normally would with car wash soap and a soft microfiber cloth. Finish up with a coating of synthetic wax, and your car will continue to shine like new.

At Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited, you have the choice of paint protection film with or without a top coating. Visit our website or give us a call for more information about how these two options can protect your vehicle. We can help you choose which type of film is best for your car. When you’re ready for installation, you can rely on us to perform a top-quality job that includes an inspection to ensure that the film will perform as it should.

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