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Reinvent Your Ride With Aftermarket Installations

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Simple upgrades to make your car feel like new

Have you been eyeing the cars on the market today and wishing your outdated model had some of the latest advances these vehicles are equipped with? With aftermarket parts and systems, you can upgrade your car to be just like new at a fraction of the cost. From mechanical to cosmetic, aftermarket installations allow you to customize your vehicle to create a car of your dreams.

GPS Navigation

GPS systems that operate via voice commands are safer alternatives to trying to use the map app on your smartphone as you drive. Mount an independent system on a dashboard stand or have a unit installed directly into the console to facilitate easy navigation no matter where you are. If you do a lot of traveling, this is one upgrade you won’t want to be without.

Enhanced Entertainment

Make driving more fun with a new stereo and the set of speakers you’ve always wanted. Many sound systems now sync with smartphones, tablets and MP3 players so that you can bring your entire music collection on the go. Opt for a hands-free system and control your tunes using just your voice.

Safer Driving

New headlights may not be the most glamorous aftermarket upgrade, but they are a smart investment in safety. Stronger bulbs and clearer light allow you to see farther and increase the amount of time you have to react to unexpected obstacles. Window tinting controls the light that comes into your car during daytime driving, keeping you safe from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Better Handling

Upgrading your car’s wheels not only makes it look cooler but also improves the way it drives. Lowering the unsprung weight of the vehicle provides better handling for a smoother ride. While you’re at it, consider investing in better tires that are equipped to handle the weather you encounter in the places you drive most often.

Integrated Gadgets

Adding a remote starter system that you can activate using your smartphone makes it much easier to warm up your car in cold weather. These systems may also include other safety features that allow you to keep track of your car and control its use if need be. Equip the interior with a smartphone dock and USB adapters to keep other technology at your fingertips as you drive.

To ensure that your desired aftermarket parts operate correctly, contact Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited. We provide expert installation of the most popular aftermarket upgrades that includes reliable soldered connections coupled with heat shrinking. These methods are designed to give your new parts a long life and provide the best possible performance as you cruise around Austin.

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