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Rivian Window Tinting in Austin

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Rivian Window Tinting in Austin

Austin residents take special pride in their Rivian trucks and SUVs. When you need quality window tinting you can trust, turn to Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited. Our family-owned and operated business has set the standard in high-quality window tinting since we first opened our doors in 1994. We’ve put together a team of experienced window tinting professionals who focus on people, processes, and products. We also offer our Austin truck tint clients ceramic tint options!

Why Tint Your Rivian?

UV Rejection

In America, the majority of skin cancer occurs on the left side of the face—the side left unprotected due to open or untinted windows. Our high-quality window tinting film rejects 99% of UV rays, making window tinting a powerful ally in the fight against skin cancer.


Most vehicle owners take as much pride in the appearance of their vehicles as they do in their personal appearance. To many people, their vehicle is an extension of their personal style. From the vehicle they choose to drive to the paint color to the shade of window tinting, each choice is a reflection of the driver’s personality and style. When you choose Sunbusters as your Rivian window tinting specialist in Austin, you’ve chosen a company with a solid reputation for flawless window tinting that matches your personality.

Privacy and Security

Besides being a personal style choice, window tinting is the logical choice to add another layer of security to your vehicle. Protect the contents of your Rivian with dark tinting that keeps valuables out of sight. Manage your personal privacy with window tinting that prevents fellow travelers from peering into your vehicle. Reduce the possibility of theft and break-ins with professional window tinting from Sunbusters.

Find out why Rivian owners have chosen Sunbusters as their preferred choice for high-quality, seamless truck tint in Austin. Schedule an appointment or get your quote now!
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