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Scratches Begone: Paint Protection Film Wins Again

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An easy way to keep your car in top condition

The simple act of driving your car can lead to a myriad of cosmetic problems. Flying debris, rocks from newly paved roads and wintertime treatments all damage paint, reducing the visual appeal of your car over time. In some cases, it can develop into more serious problems such as rust. Paint protection film is one way to combat these common driving hazards.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Once used by the military to protect sensitive parts of vehicles from damage, paint protection film is now available for standard vehicles. This urethane-based film can be clear or colored and is offered in several different thicknesses. It’s applied on top of the paint to provide added protection. Paint Protection Film can even be added to plastic headlight assemblies to help prevent yellowing and premature aging, which helps keep your vehicle looking new for a longer time.

Benefits of Film Application

Just what does film protect your car from? Imagine everything that you encounter while driving. Rocks get kicked up by other cars and trucks, leaving dings or scratches on unprotected paint. Driving through areas of road work makes this problem even worse. Dirty roads and those that have been treated with salt and sand leave streaks on your car. Salt is the worst offender, often leading to rust that can be difficult to control once it starts.

When you have paint protection film in place, it’s able to deflect flying debris and it keeps damaging substances away from the actual paint surface. Two types are available: non top coated and top coated. Choosing top coated gives you the added protection of an extra chemical layer that can actually fix itself after sustaining mild scratch damage.

Suntek brand Paint Protection Film has a proprietary Top Coat that gives it self-healing properties. This sets it apart from many other brands. When scratched or scuffed, this product can heal itself with the application of heat to the affected area. This amazing technology along with superior chemical resistance has positioned Suntek above all others.

Protective film means less worry about the expenses of body work. You won’t need to make routine touch-ups or take the car in for costly rust repair. You can drive wherever life takes you and know that your car will come out of it with its appearance and value intact.

Maintaining Your Car’s New Coating

Taking care of paint protection film isn’t much different than regular car maintenance. All you have to do is wash and wax it now and then to remove dirt and preserve a “like new” look. Be sure to use a soft sponge for washing and a microfiber cloth for the wax, and avoid waxes such as carnauba that may cause discoloration.

Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited is ready to give your car the protective coating it needs. You can rely on our film products to protect your car from just about every possibility. Choose film with or without a top coat and see the benefits for your car over time.

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