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Superior Paint Protection Film in Austin, TX, for Your Tesla

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Sunbusters Window Tinting offers the best quality window tinting for your Tesla. We are the answer to superior paint protection film in Austin, installed by our professionals who know their way around cars. Our team of auto body experts install a paint protection film that protects your Tesla from hazards like flying rocks, debris, bug splatter, scratches, bird droppings, and tree sap. Combined with a nationwide warranty, hydrophobic performance, and self-healing technology, the paint protection film we install in Austin has undeniable durability and gives your luxury vehicle the protection it deserves. Enjoy your Tesla to the fullest with professionally installed paint protection film or a clear bra from Austin’s own Sunbusters Window Tinting.

Luxury vehicle owners take pride in their ride, which means it deserves the best protection available. You didn’t buy a Tesla just so it could live in your garage. Our PPF is specially designed to give your vehicle the best protection available. Our PPF is computer cut to match the design and specification of your Tesla, and when needed we can cut specialty patterns that match the exterior curves of your brand new EV.

Self-Healing Vehicle Exterior Surface Protection
Gain peace of mind as you drive around Austin with paint protection film that includes self-healing technology. Kicked-up rocks and road debris are no match for the superior protection you receive from paint protection film. You’ll no longer feel a sense of anxiety every time you pull your Tesla onto the road. Knowing your Tesla is protected, you’ll hit the streets of Austin with a paint protection film that will give you the urge to try roads you’ve never been down before. You might even decide to drive down to the Roy Creek Canyon Reserve, knowing the self-healing technology of our PPF will keep your ride shining! And on the backroads of Austin, a clear bra practically makes your Tesla bulletproof.

Hydrophobic Protection Against Stains and Grime
Hydrophobic protection is another benefit luxury vehicle owners receive when they install paint protection film for their Tesla. It is a chemical coating that gives your Tesla added protection against stains and grime, and like a window tint blocks the Austin sun.

Find out more about paint protection film for your Tesla by contacting Sunbusters Window Tinting today!

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