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Why Tint? The Rationale for Automotive Tinting

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Americans Are Road Warriors

Many people now spend nearly as much time in their vehicles as they do in their beds, and professional drivers typically do spend more time driving than sleeping. Whether you’re driving to make a living, chronically commuting, or road tripping across the country, adding tint to your vehicle’s windows on the world provides many more benefits than simply enhancing the look and style of your ride.

Can Tint Really Be a Lifesaver?

Did you know that tinting your windows could save your life in several different ways? One major benefit of tinted windows is a substantial reduction in glare that can impede your vision and cause an accident.

Darkened windows can also prevent criminals from assessing if you’re a good target by making it more difficult to see if you’re alone in your vehicle. Thieves and kidnappers target a vehicle they know is an easier mark simply because they have a full view of the situation inside. This can be especially important for women who do a lot of driving alone or at night.

The Surgeon General recently released a report stating that Americans who drive as a career are at increased risk for skin cancers, including dangerous melanomas. Americans also have more cancerous spots develop on the left side of the body due to sun exposure while driving. Automotive tinting blocks UV rays that could otherwise take years off your life. Llumar and FormulaOne Automotive Window films are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation because they help prevent skin cancer by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Cruise In Comfort

Have you ever been on a long road trip and suddenly realized you were starting to roast like a rotisserie chicken as a result of the sun blazing through the windows? You undoubtedly cranked the air conditioning for relief but also decimated your gas mileage. It’s easy to block those hot rays and increase your mileage with an appropriate reflective tint.

Prevent Wear and Tear

Avoid spending precious minutes desperately searching in vain for a parking spot in the shade when the summer sun is at peak strength by investing in a quality window tint to protect the interior of your vehicle from cracking, warping, and fading—and prevent your sensitive skin from sizzling on hot seats when you return.

Privacy Is Principal

Another concern for those who drive a lot is privacy. If you’re someone who thinks anything you’re doing in your car is not the business of any other driver—whether it’s a nosy neighbor or law enforcement official—window tint is the perfect solution to your privacy problem. Be free to be you without embarrassment or harassment whenever and wherever you’re driving.

While it may be tempting to do it yourself, resist the urge to save a few dollars and risk choosing the wrong product or ending up with substandard results. Rely on experts like Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited in Austin who have the expertise and tools to ensure you receive a professionally-installed, economical, and high-quality tint that will last your vehicle’s lifetime. Visit our website at sunbusterstint.com for more info.

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