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The Top Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Protecting your car in any weather

If you’re a frequent driver, you know how dangerous Austin’s roads can sometimes be. In addition to aggressive drivers and heavy congestion, your car could be under threat from road debris, sand and other material that can scratch, ding, chip or otherwise damage its paint coat. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution to these potential problems. Learn more about the benefits of paint protection film.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a powerful polyurethane coating that provides protection above and beyond the enamel that typically adorns automotive paint. It can be professionally installed at an auto body shop or other authorized facility and comes with a five-year warranty that guarantees protection against a wide range of everyday road hazards. Best of all, it costs less than you might think and has the potential to prevent costly repair bills.

Protecting Against Scratches

One of the best-known and most visible benefits of paint protection film is its unusual ability to protect against scratches caused by airborne debris, contact with foreign objects like metal keys, and other incidents. While there are practical limits to the extent of this protection, cars with paint protection film are significantly less likely to show visible signs of scratching.

Warding Off Dings and Rock Chips

Since our paint protection film is more than 30% thicker than that of the competition, it also protects against small dings caused by road debris, including pebbles and small bits of metal. Imagine never having an issue with rock chips on the front of your vehicle.

Shielding Vulnerable Parts of Your Car

Our paint protection film covers every inch of your vehicle’s painted surface, including vulnerable elements like your side-view mirrors, door handles, fenders and bumpers. It is even possible to wrap and protect the entire vehicle, the ultimate in protection.

Boosting the Value of Protected Vehicles

It’s no secret that well-kept cars maintain their value better than beat-up rides. While paint protection film only protects the exterior of your vehicle and can’t control what happens inside it, it does convey to prospective buyers that you care about your vehicle and have diligently maintained it. When it comes time to sell your car, this could be a huge plus for your bottom line.

Find Great Deals on Paint Protection Film in Austin

If you think your ride could use some additional protection against the various road hazards that threaten it daily, paint protection film might be in your future. We’re happy to provide you with a range of options that can keep your car looking fresh and sharp for years on end. To learn more about all of our vehicle protection services as well as the other products that we offer, call us at (512) 794-8468 or visit us online.

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