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Ways the Sun Could Be Ruining Your Car

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Preserve the appearance of your vehicle with protective window tint

You wouldn’t spend all day out in the summer sun without some kind of protection, so why do you leave your car vulnerable to its potentially damaging rays? Sunlight can heat the interior of your car to 145 degrees and make the temperature of the outside surface soar to as much as 195 degrees. These extreme conditions combined with the sun’s UV radiation can result in all kinds of unsightly damage.

Faded Interior

Parking in the sun directly exposes the inside of your car to an unrelenting stream of light. Over time, this can cause fading of upholstery or premature aging of leather. The dashboard and other fixtures are also prone to fading. Window shades, seat covers and leather conditioners can all help to mitigate the problem.

Stuck-On Dirt

Sunlight beating down on the dash can do more than fade the color. If you allow dust and dirt to build up, the sun can “bake” it on, causing a sticky film that’s difficult to remove. Think of what happens to food and grease left on the range hood over your stove. The concept is similar inside your car and the result is just as disgusting. Clean interior surfaces regularly with an appropriate cleaner to keep them free of dirt.

Aging Paint

Excessive sun exposure can oxidize your car’s paint, a process that leads to aging and discoloration. Dirt, bird droppings and other substances stuck to the paint surface may wind up causing stains as the sun beats down on them. Although damage is most noticeable on dark vehicles, all cars can fall victim to this type of degradation. Regular washing to remove dirt and waxing to preserve the paint helps maintain a like-new appearance.

Preventing Sun Damage

In addition to regular care, you can protect your car from sun damage by installing window tint film to block up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays from reaching the interior. Paint protection films seal the paint from contact with the elements, reducing the potential for chipping, cracking and staining. Try to park in the shade whenever you can and consider investing in a car port for your driveway if you don’t have access to a garage.

With window tinting and paint protection services from Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited, your car will remain attractive inside and out. Let our certified installers take care of your vehicle with top quality products protected by a lifetime warranty. Contact us via our website or at our Austin location to learn more about how your vehicle can benefit from window tinting.

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