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Tinted Windows: More Than a Visual Enhancement

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Window Tint for Austinites: The Many Great Benefits

You already know that window tint will make your car look awesome from the outside, but have you stopped to consider all of the other benefits it might offer? If you’re on the fence about having your car tinted, you won’t be after reading this article!

1. Privacy and Security

Tinted windows are about a lot more than just appearances. They also provide a greater deal of privacy. If you’ve ever been in a situation that required you to change your clothes in a parking lot, you’re probably already aware why this is a wonderful thing.

A much more practical reason is that it can also help discourage crime. If a crook doesn’t notice the valuables in the backseat of your car because they can’t see in the windows, then there’s a good chance they will move on. It’s never wise to store valuables in the car in the first place, but during long shopping excursions, you sometimes have to. Having tinted windows could make all the difference in a situation like this.

2. Guard Against Shattering

Since window tint provides an additional film layer over the surface of the window, it can help prevent shattering in the event of an accident. Less shattering means less flying glass and potentially fewer injuries.

3. UV Protection

UV rays from direct exposure to sunlight have been proven to increase the chances of skin cancer and speed up the aging process. Research has shown that American drivers have a higher rate of skin cancer on the left side of their bodies due to driving exposure alone. As if that wasn’t scary enough, they can also damage the upholstery in your vehicle over time. When you have window tint installed, you’ll block up to 99% of incoming UV rays, making it that much easier to stay protected while driving.

4. Staying Cool and Saving Money

Along with blocking out harmful UV rays, your window tint will also help keep you cool. Austin summers can be scorching, and without a little protection, you’ll likely be blasting your air conditioner all season long. This can add up in fuel costs. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and save money when you brave the summer heat in a car with tinted windows.

Would you like more information about getting your windows tinted in Austin and Lakeway? If so, please contact Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited. We’re ready to help you get started!

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