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The Health Benefits of Window Tinting

Sun exposure

Window Tinting Can Keep You Looking Young and Protect You from Skin Cancer

Did you know that UVA solar rays are damaging your skin whenever you hop in your car? Not only will these rays accelerate the aging process, they can also give you skin cancer. Most of us think of sun damage as a beach thing, but UVA rays can get you whenever it’s daylight, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Although glass will protect you from UVB rays — the burning rays — it will not protect you from UVA rays — the aging rays.

Why Are UVA Rays So Dangerous?

Unlike UVB rays that cause visible burning on the skin’s surface, UVA rays go deep into the skin and cause damage you can’t immediately see. They break down the supportive structures formed by collagen fibers that keep the skin firm. UVA rays also encourage the formation of free radicals, inhibit the immune system and interfere with DNA repair.

UVA damage is cumulative; it shows up later as wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, broken capillaries and a coarse, leathery texture. Ultimately, these rays can cause so much harm that skin cancer develops. UVA rays are always present during daylight hours, even with heavy cloud cover. Ninety percent of visible aging and 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by UVA.

How Window Tinting Can Help

The more time you spend driving, the more you are at risk. Austin drivers are especially vulnerable because of the long commutes and bad traffic. Given that most of us spend at least 30 percent of our time in our vehicles, The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tinting as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. Window tint is a sunscreen that can protect you from 99 percent of UVA rays, and you only have to apply it once.

Window tinting not only protects you from UVA, it also reduces glare and improves visibility. Window tinting can reduce the heat inside your vehicle by 40 to 75 percent; that means less strain on your vehicle’s air conditioner and reduced gas consumption. If your state prohibits dark tinted windows, clear tints work just as well.

Professional Installation Is Best

Although you can install window tinting yourself, it’s not worth the trouble unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Professional installers are trained to heat form auto tint to conform to the curved glass and they also know how to protect the electronics that might be concealed behind panels. With professional installation, your tint is covered by warranty. If you do it yourself and mess up, you’re left high and dry.

To learn more about the many benefits of window tinting, visit Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited, a member of the Llumar Select Pro Dealer Network, at our Austin and Lakeway locations.

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