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Sun Damage Stops Here: Protecting Auto Leather

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The value of window tint and other methods for preventing leather damage

Leather is a natural fabric that is susceptible to damage from many of the same sources as other fabrics. Sunlight is one of the biggest offenders, which makes protecting your car from direct sun exposure all the more important if you want to preserve the “like new” look of the leather seats.

The Problem with Sunlight and Leather

Both sun and heat have negative effects on leather. Being exposed to excessive light causes leather to fade gradually until it only shows a shadow of its original rich, deep color. At the same time, heat draws moisture out of the fabric, causing it to dry out and crack or warp. That means your car’s seats could be suffering damage whether the vehicle is parked in the sun or simply sitting in an environment that raises the interior temperature. While one sunny day may not ruin your leather, the effects of exposure compound over time, resulting in a dull, aged appearance that detracts from the value of the car.

Proactive Protection

With all of these potential threats lurking just behind the clouds, it may seem like a bad idea to ever expose your car to the sun. Fortunately, there are many protective measures you can take to ensure that the leather interior of your vehicle remains free from solar damage:

  • Park in the garage at home and in public whenever possible.
  • Park in the shade when full cover isn’t available.
  • Invest in a quality car cover or seat covers.
  • Always put the top up if you drive a convertible.
  • Use a high quality leather conditioner regularly.
  • Increase the frequency of conditioning during hot summer months or whenever the leather feels stiff.
  • Clean the seats often to keep them free from other potentially damaging substances.

Window tinting is another effective way to keep your leather seats in top condition. Applied as a film, window tint is a nearly invisible treatment that keeps the damaging rays of the sun at bay while you’re driving and when the car is parked. Check local laws to determine the degree to which you can tint your windows, and choose the best possible quality of tint for maximum protection.

Let Sunbusters Window Tinting Limited of Austin and Lakeway help protect your car’s leather interior with high quality window tint products. By blocking 99.9% of UV rays, 50% of incoming heat, and lowering visible light transmission, our window tints prevent the most common problems that occur when sunlight meets leather. Contact us for more information on how our window tints can help protect your car and your home.

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