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Car Window Tint FAQs

If you’re considering a window tint installation for your car, truck, SUV or mini-van, it’s good to know the facts. FormulaOne is a cutting-edge polyester window film that’s applied to the inside of your windows and won’t interfere with your rear window defroster. Application on all windows can take anywhere from one to four hours. […]

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What Kind of Auto-Tint is Legal in Texas?

Automotive window tinting delivers many valuable benefits. It can protect your eyes, enhance privacy, reduce interior temperatures and prevent upholstery from fading. However, extremely dark glass may compromise safety. Texas Department of Public Safety enforces laws that govern the placement and darkness of tinting films. State approved vehicle safety inspections require that the vehicle’s glass […]

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The Importance of Window Tint and Reducing UV Exposure

If you live in or near the greater Austin area, you’re probably familiar with the city’s traffic problems. Interstate 35 has some of the nation’s worst congestion. Average daily commuting times exceed 80 minutes in several neighborhoods, according to the Austin Business Journal. They include Anderson Arbor, Tress Sonesta and Turtle Rock Estates. Long-Term Exposure to […]

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Auto tint enhances the look and privacy of your vehicle

If you’ve always thought of tinting your car windows as more of a luxury than a practical option for average car owners, think again. Tinted car windows may protect your privacy and make you look like a rock star, but they also offer plenty of money-saving benefits over time. Even more surprising is the fact […]

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Are You Making this Critical Car Maintenance Mistake?

Most people want to take good care of their cars; after all, we spend a lot of time and money on them, and we want to protect that investment. You know about changing the oil, taking care of regularly scheduled maintenance, and all the other tasks they mention in the owner’s manual. But did you […]

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Heat Protection Going into the Warm Months in Texas

Austin’s climate can be particularly hot, sunny and dry in the summer. This weather is great for swimmers at Barton Springs, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to motorists in traffic. Fortunately, window tinting can protect you, your passengers and your vehicle from extreme heat. Discomfort Bright sunlight makes commutes less pleasant and causes cars to […]

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The Health Benefits of Window Tinting

Window Tinting Can Keep You Looking Young and Protect You from Skin Cancer Did you know that UVA solar rays are damaging your skin whenever you hop in your car? Not only will these rays accelerate the aging process, they can also give you skin cancer. Most of us think of sun damage as a […]

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4 Reasons to Seek an Auto Tint Shop That Uses a Computer Cutting Plotter

If you’ve heard about the many benefits of automotive window films and you’re ready to protect your own vehicle from UV damage, your next task is to find a tinting shop to do the work. You wouldn’t let just anyone tamper with your valuable car; top-quality results are paramount. While all window films work in […]

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Auto Tint: Your Easy Escape From the Texas Sun

It’s already starting to warm up in Texas, and it’s only going to get hotter. For drivers with professionally tinted windshields and windows, the summer is a little less intimidating; they’ll enjoy protection from both the searing heat and the dangerous ultraviolet rays. If the mention of auto tinting makes you think of mysterious, dark […]

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Tinted Windows: More Than a Visual Enhancement

Window Tint for Austinites: The Many Great Benefits You already know that window tint will make your car look awesome from the outside, but have you stopped to consider all of the other benefits it might offer? If you’re on the fence about having your car tinted, you won’t be after reading this article! 1. […]

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