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5 Medical Reasons to Tint Car Windows

Protecting yourself from the sun while you’re driving is always a good idea, especially if you’re concerned about skin cancer. However, melanoma and sunburn aren’t the only health threats imposed by the big, bright orb. Some Texans have medical conditions that make sun exposure an immediate and serious health threat, and these ailments may help […]

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Effective Ways to Prevent Carpet and Furniture from Fading

Help Your Home Maintain Its Bright, Beautiful Colors The sun brings welcome warmth and light through your home’s windows. However, much you like the sunlight, you know that it can also cause your carpets, rugs and furnishings to fade. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between your furnishings and the light that you love. Consider […]

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How to Protect Car Paint From Scratches

Keeping Your Car Shiny and New Is Easier Than You Think No matter what kind of car you drive, we’re betting that you care about how it looks. Unfortunately, the pebbles, rocks and dirt particles that you encounter on your daily drive don’t care about this at all. If you give them enough time, they’ll […]

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Burglary Busters! How to Reinforce Windows for Security

A few simple changes can make your home or business safer Windows let in light, help cool the house when it’s hot out and add personality to the exterior design of your home. For business owners, a window offers a way to attract customers with eye-catching advertising displays. However, it can also be a point […]

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Dark Glass Saves Gas: Why Do Tinted Windows Conserve Fuel?

Applying window tint to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions There’s nothing worse than climbing into your car on a sunny day only to find that every surface is too hot to touch. Your first instinct is to reach for the air conditioning, but every time you do, you sacrifice precious gas mileage as the […]

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How to Prevent Graffiti on Walls and Windows

Don’t let graffiti hurt your business If you own a commercial building, it’s vital to take action against graffiti. This crime promotes other unlawful behavior and discourages customers from visiting your business. Americans spend over $8 billion on graffiti removal each year, according to San Antonio’s code enforcement office. Any company can take a variety […]

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Preserve Your Car’s Youthful Good Looks with Help from Sunbusters

Few car owners love the idea of their car showing signs of age. Unfortunately, it happens quickly. Within just a few short years, faded paint, scratches, dents and worn interior can take the cool factor away from even the trendiest ride. When your car is a fading starlet, the only way you can experience that […]

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Vista Enerlogic Window Film Provides Energy Savings Year Round

Lower Your Utility Bills with Window Film Cutting utility costs is a top priority for many homeowners. In areas such as Austin that see high seasonal temperatures, many homeowners feel that they can’t do enough to keep their electricity bills down. Thankfully, there are many steps you can take to save on utility costs. Among […]

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Decorative Window Film Adds Office Privacy and Reinforces Brand Message

Did you know you can expand advertising efforts, increase office privacy and make company workspace more enjoyable at the same time? Graphic window film addresses these issues with unique designs that can be customized to fit the personality of your business. Unique, Personal Style Every company has a distinctive image, and window film can be […]

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Scratches Begone: Paint Protection Film Wins Again

An easy way to keep your car in top condition The simple act of driving your car can lead to a myriad of cosmetic problems. Flying debris, rocks from newly paved roads and wintertime treatments all damage paint, reducing the visual appeal of your car over time. In some cases, it can develop into more […]

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